The Game Supply

For Gamers. By Gamers. Meet our Team.

The Game Supply has always been unique because of our people - the quality of our team is amazing. As such, we take great pride in those we work with who are in reality our most valued asset.

We have always been unique in that we staff only North American gamers who can quickly and easily relate to your needs and efficiently assist you in retiring and selling your account, or being able to quickly identify your specific needs and assist you in finding that perfect new account.

We also sponsor a top 10 U.S. guild Gentlemen's Club ( Retired Guild as of MOP ) on Horde side Korgath founded by the owner of TGS. For the Horde!

Below are short bio's for our current staff and founding members. (Aka: what happens when people write their own Bio's.)

Kenneth Chadwick Pierce

Founder & CEO


The Game Supply has been my insomniac hobby turned small business over the last few years. Having bought and sold a few characters on Ebay and other auction sites before starting TGS, I had a good understanding of the motivations and concerns of those people who enjoy playing in the end game raids, but don't enjoy the grind to get there.

This understanding that everyone wants to see the best and newest content, but do not necessarily want to, or have time to, build up a character to get to that level. That is why we pick characters that are ready for you to log in and play at whatever level you are comfortable with.

Below meet the TGS staff who between us have over 20 years experience in offering our customers the best experience when shopping The Game Supply.

James Michael Peacock

Co-Founder Designer & Marketeer


Raised in Palmdale California and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising I have been with The Game Supply since it's formation as a true web presence in 2007.

With a passion for design and fresh out of high school, I contacted Chad to possibly assist him in design or anything else he might need. Over the following weeks I learned how he operated and really enjoyed what we were doing for the community. I really struggled the first time I sold a World of Warcraft account so it was very refreshing seeing someone do it right. From here we put up the website, registered the business, and have been growing ever since.

I started playing World of Warcraft on the original release day and have pretty much been playing ever since. My main is a rogue on the Uther PvE server where I am apart of a great guild with a great group of people. Besides playing WoW I really enjoy the drums and have been playing since I was eight years old. I also enjoy the guitar, golfing and skydiving. I am honored to have such a cool job and suggest you all do something you enjoy as well.

Guillaume Maurice

Durkadur-The French Connection


Located in Montreal, Durkadur is french connection, providing to the site is amazing lumber jacking skill.

Fluently speaking both French and English, Durkadur is the master of the live chat and will be able to assist you with your request and questions. When Durkadur is not answering you on chat, he can be found playing hockey and eating poutine.

Durkadur started gaming at a very young age, getting killed by monster in doom 2 and cheating like a boss to beat Warcraft 2. Durkadur first MMO experience was in the form of project visitor ( formerly 10six ) an indie persistent shooter/strategy game. After many years of honing is wow skill, durkadur finally settled on the small server of Ysondre where his reign of awesome began, achieving the highest pvp honor multiple time ( Gladiator ) Quickly becoming an icon on the server. To this day, durkadur is still a gamer with a diehard passion, playing from a variety of genre ranging from FPS to Turn based strategy with RTS and RPG.

Christian L. Pierce

Security // Owners brother // Coffee Connoisseur


Christian is more or less the defacto office manager. Coordinating the day to day activities and executing them with military precision, he keeps things running smoothly.

Current pre-med student at UNC-Wilmington, his other job seems to be reciting the names of various biological terms that you cannot see however, you can combine in many various ways of which he has an index card for each and every one.

Former Army Special forces training comes in handy with additional re-con of the local collegiate assets.

What is TGS? LLC is a family owned company dba the Game Supply Located in Wrightsville beach, North Carolina. We have been active in the mmorpg sales and reselling for over 8 years starting with Everquest characters and platinum. Operating mostly from instant messenger and auction sites, growing as more and more people have met me and my associates both in game and by doing safe and secure business with us.

Over time we have grown both a client and supplier base large enough to deem it necessary to have a home base to be able to list and sell from. The owner can, (and often is!), still reachable via AIM at Chadwick575, or via any of the contact information in the contact us section or on this page. I appreciate all the growth my company has seen, and hope to see much more in times to come as the online gaming community grows and grows. Thank you for your patronage, and hope to speak with you soon.

Our Feedback has been earned over 6 years on different websites with their own ranking systems, as well as our own hosted feedback, not made up generic Feedback found on so many sites. Instead of simply having the opportunity to leave one time feedback and then never respond about support or other issues that might be handled badly, our customers also have the ability to comment on our actions after the sale. Anyone who has been a part of a large community can tell you that maintaining a high standard within communities holds much more weight for a company than any one time feedback.

We have also started collecting feedback via our Facebook Page

We are THE ONLY United States registered corporation that buys and sells accounts, and therefore is held accountable to all privacy laws, and business laws that apply. Any other site you deal with has ZERO obligation to keep your information private, your transaction private, house your personal information in a secure manner, or do business according to the laws of the United States. Think about this before you sell your account to someone who is going to forward your ID and personal information. Because once it is forwarded who knows where it will end up, or what purpose it will be used for.

TheGameSupplynet LLC is run as a Social Business operating and being fully immersed and involved in the gaming community. We found that the ethics and support of many sites in this niche was lacking, and set out to provide our customers with a positive experience that so many of the sites that operated in this industry failed to provide to their customers. Social Business's are driven to bring about change while still generating the funds necessary to operate in their given industry, but stay involved in their communities and offer their customers a much higher level of support and interaction.

Some Stats about The Game Supply:

Creative genius is all James. Finance is all Chad. Daman sleeps too much. Durka is our resident Canadian. Cameron is a part-timer. Christian is just Chad's brother, I don't think he actually works here.

Offices: 3. Main office is in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Satellite offices in Southern California and Montreal, Canada.

Days Played: Alot.