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Sell Your Account -- Step 1: Enter Noteworthy Characters

Please enter main characters name and server and then click "Add Character to Account".

Add any alternate characters of note also. High level alts or "twinks". Up to 11 characters total can be added.

Once entered, Character(s) will display to the right ---->

Entered all your characters?
Proceed to Step 2 and

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Step by Step to Sell Account
  • Step 1: Enter your Character(s)
  • Step 2: Provide written description of account and request quote via email or discuss live with one of our professional associates.
  • Quote will also be available in your account on the Game Supply: Check Quote Status
  • Step 3: Accept Quote and Provide Account information for verification. Game Supply staff will call and verify account information with you.
  • Once verification is satisfied payment will be issued. Generally within 30 minutes of verification.
  • Payments can be issued via verified PayPal or Business check shipped to your home.

Requirements for Account Sale

1. All Sellers must be 18 Years of Age. Under 18? Have a parent contact us

2. Original Owner of account--Names much match on Gaming account and PayPal account or Check issued for payment.

Top quotes given for well developed original owner accounts.

These are the only 2 set in stone requirements. Have a question? Please contact us and let us know or check out our Frequently Asked Questions/Support Center.

Sell Account @ Game Supply

Sell Account

@ the Game Supply. Why you might ask? Because we rock! Not good enough you say! Well how about:
  • We take alternate characters into consideration When submitting the description of your game account we allow 11 alternate characters to be added. These are taken into consideration when giving a final quoted price.
  • Your Description Influences Quote --We take into account the information you provided about your MMO Game Account for sale.

    The more detailed your description is the more we learn about the MMO Account you are selling and how much time you have put into it.
  • Amazing Customer Service All English, (and french) speaking gamers who have all played the games at various levels and times ready to assist you in passing your account on to a new keyboard operatator.
  • There are other professional sites you can visit to

    Sell Account

    s. If you want a recommendation of other sites that care for their customers almost as well as we do join us in live chat or send us an email and we'll be happy to give a recommendation. But why would you sell your account elsewhere--you've already found the best site!
  • The Game Supply as a business and its staff as players for over 6 years sponsored Gentlemen's Club supplying the little things. T-shirts and tickets for Blizzcon, gold for various raiders to keep up with flasks and various website promotions. When it came time for those raiders to retire and sell their Account the Game Supply was there to assist them with selling their characters as well.
  • 9 Years of Experience -- We sold our first retail account in the beginning of 2005. A level 60 Priest with 2 pieces of Molten core (tier 1) gear--it was kind of a big deal way back then!

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